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About Polis Technology

We are a small team of growing software developers who specialize in freelance web and mobile development.

We provide our services to small businesses and non-profits for a low cost. We work one-on-one with our clients to ensure we design a valuable tool.

We are committed to delivering your product within a timely manner and provide constant updates and changes after project completion.

Our Team

Marcus Berry

Marcus Berry

Full-Stack Developer/UX Design

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Nathan Barr

Nathan Barr

Web Engineer/UI Design

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Jorge Gonzalez Jr.

Jorge Gonzalez Jr.

Full-Stack Developer

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What We Do

Front-End Development

Experienced in creating user interfaces using the fundemental tools HTML, CSS, & Javascript along with other frameworks such as Bootstrap

Back-End Development

Logic and mathematics are one of our strong suits. We implement back-end work in languages such as SQL, PHP, & ASP.NET

UX Design

We like to keep our interface designs simplistic while increasing usability, accessibility, and a sense of enjoyment

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Our Skills

Object Oriented

Object-Oriented Programming is our basis on software development. We are all about classes, methods, and attributes

Agile Development

Collaboration is the best way to success. Our team works together step-by-step during development and communicate frequently with our clients

Database Design

Storing data is important in this day in age and creating efficent and practical databases is key to a powerful application

Website Publishing

Confused on how to get your website published? We are experienced in setting up web hosting and acquiring domains

Mobile App Development

We are constantly growing and learning the mobile application development world through iOS and Android platforms

Version Control

Using the popular version control Git, we coordinate our agile development to monitor, back-up, and record our projects between our members within


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Our Projects

Beyond BCA

Online community supporting obese women, breast cancer survivors, and current women with breast cancer within the African-American community

Big Time Barbell

Fitness Team aiming to support individuals wanting to change their lifestyles and addictive choices

(Website Thru The Night Competition)

C&M Management

Online scheduling website capable of notifying and conversing with residents via SMS

Berry & Associates

Indianapolis based Custom Remodeling Business

Victor's Gyros & Pancakes

Greek Restaurant located in Muncie, IN

DOT Dashboard

Client-to-DOT interface for more efficent communication and poject management

WireShark Visualizer

A visualizer in Python to represent network traffic captured by WireShark

Configuration Visualizer

JavaFX application that uses router configuration files and visualizes networks.

Beats By Zer0

Online Beat-Selling Marketplace for Marcus' musical interests

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Interested in working us? Fill out the contact form with your first and last name, email, the name of your idea, and a brief description of your idea along with the features associated with it. We will review your idea and formulate a quote for you. We are always interested in exploring new ideas and would love to make yours come to fruition.